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Marketing Tools

IVC offers a number of tools and services that allow its clients to leverage IVC's Database for marketing purposes. Such added value services allow advertisers the full benefit of access to a large, yet focused audience.

E-Direct, IVC's innovative advertising tool, gives you direct access to IVC’s mailing lists where you can send your message to all Israeli high-tech companies, investors and service providers or to a targeted market segment. Email messages to your target audience to promote your upcoming event, product launch or incentive package...
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IVC offers competitively priced advertising packages and banner options. Put your ad on IVC-Online and get your company’s message to thousands of high-level decision-makers in Israel and around the globe...read more

IVC offers partnership and advertising opportunities for companies and service providers. Options range from logo placement, link to your website, to a full collaboration package... read more

IVC's Event Production Services are a set of tools for accessing corporate executives and investors listed in IVC's fast growing database. IVC and it's clients have successfully used these tools to promote and produce business conferences and events targeted at the wider investment community both in Israel and abroad...read more

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