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IVC High-Tech Yearbook

As part of our product offering, we proudly present the annual IVC High-Tech Yearbook - Israel’s High-Tech, Venture Capital, Startup and Private Equity Directory. The IVC High-Tech Yearbook is the most comprehensive publication on the market today that details Israel’s “growth engine” industry.

We are currently working on the IVC High-Tech Yearbook 2015 and continue distribution of the IVC High-Tech Yearbook 2014, published in April 2014.

Both Yearbook provide exclusive directory-level exposure to nearly 3,000 Israeli technology startups, as well as overviews of the high-tech industry's main sectors.  The Yearbooks also provide analysis of trends and investor activity over the past year, with detailed profiles of  investors, including venture capital funds,  private equity funds, incubators, angels and corporate investors investing in Israel.


The Israeli investment and high-tech industry’s ecosystem is supported by the work of highly focused service providers – investment bankers, accounting firms, law firms and other professionals - that help facilitate venture capital activity. The Yearbook's service provider chapter will profile the key players in the local industry.

The IVC High-Tech Yearbook has been enthusiastically received by the investment and entrepreneurial communities both in Israel and abroad since its launch in 1997. The IVC High-Tech Yearbook 2014, has been sponsored by Bank Leumi, BDO Ziv Haft and Giza Venture Capital, and we are happy to have Giza and BDO return as sponsors for the IVC High-Tech Yearbook 2015, and welcome LeumiTech as our new sponsor.

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