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NOV.30.2015 | Highlights of the Israeli high-tech, venture capital, startups and private equity industry
Research Highlights
Israeli Cyber Tech: Cluster to Class
It’s been quite a month for Israeli cyber tech companies. Despite talks in Europe and elsewhere of boycotting Israeli products and companies, there’s a surge of interest in Israeli cyber technologies. With the world more acutely aware of cyber threats and the role of technologies in the war against terrorism following the recent attacks in Paris and the threats in Belgium, Israel’s cyber experience and advantage catches center stage
Chinese Investments in Israeli high-tech: What they said we said wasn’t we did say. Say What?
For most people, Chinese and figure data are the same: a foreign language they recognize is important, but have no idea how to read. If anything reminded us of that it was our research on Chinese investments in Israeli high-tech and venture capital. We prepared the research for an IVC High-Tech Seminar last June, appropriately named Chinese Investors – Israeli Technologies
From the Editor
From Startup to Success: the Key Role of Intellectual Property
In one of our latest studies we found that by registering a patent, Israeli startup companies significantly raise their chances of growing into successful, sustainable businesses, and double their prospects for raising capital. "Food for thought" for young startups debating whether to take the big step and apply for patent protection
Zvika Schechter's Recommended Reads of November
Zvika Schechter, co-founder and Managing Director of Giza Venture Capital, is an avid reader. He goes through piles of material and sends us articles he finds interesting and relevant, on subjects spanning technology, venture capital, investments and how business is done. We are sharing some of his best recommendations with you.
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Financing Rounds
Company Name Round Type Capital Raised
Spaceek First Round $0.272m
IOPtima Second Round $7.2m
Iguaz.io First Round $15m
DIGEST: 47 financing rounds were made this month.
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Most Viewed Companies
Company Name
DIGEST: There are currently 6851 high-tech profiles in the database. These are the top -3 most viewed in the past month.
IVC-Online Highlights
Company Name Exit Type Amount
MikaMonu Acquired $7.5m
Sentrix Acquired $0.125m
SphereUp Acquired $7m
6 exits were closed this month.
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Seeking Capital
Company Name Capital Raised
SeatyLock N/A
CerebraMed $3m
Qmarkets $7m
DIGEST: 58 startups are now raising capital.
These are the latest 3.
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Upcoming Events
Event Name Event Date
The Eilat Provident Funds Coaliution's Institutional Investment Conference Dec. 03, 2015
Murata Hackathon 2nd Round Dec. 01, 2015
IATI & MasterCard Technology Innovation Award Event Nov. 30, 2015
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Company of the Month
Medicortex Finland Oy is a start-up pharmaceutical company focused on development of diagnostic biomarkers and pre-clinical development of innovative therapies for the treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury. Medicortex’s mission is to develop a truly effective neuroprotection therapy that limits the damage in head injury, based on a novel multifunctional drug approach. By doing so, Medicortex will provide a solution to an unmet need for detecting and treatment of brain injury.
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Trading Places
Ofer Gonen
Clal Biotechnology Industries (CBI) Ltd.
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Roy Oron
Global CEO
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In the News
Polish accelerator to open Tel Aviv branch
World War II events notwithstanding, Poland and Israel can be great allies in tech and business, say officials
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Israeli-made tech behind bitcoins is changing everything, expert says
Digital currency still struggles with an image problem, but the technology that makes it work is being used in a growing number of industries
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High-Tech Industry Reports
Report of the Month
Cyber Security Companies Report
IVC has recently conducted a wide research into the Israeli cyber security industry, aiming to map the industry's trends over the past three years. This report contains a list of the active companies in the cyber security industry, with background information about the companies as well as some info about their technology and contact details
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