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NOV.30.2017 | Highlights of the Israeli high-tech, venture capital, startups and private equity industry
Research Highlights
A glance at the Israeli automotive ecosystem
The acquisition of Israeli automotive (security) company Argus Cyber Security by Germany’s Continental AG for $430 million in November, the $15.3 billion acquisition of Mobileye by Intel for $15.3 billion, and three other Israeli startups in this sector since the beginning of 2017 have prompted IVC to take an in-depth look at the emerging Israeli automotive startup activity.
The Israeli IPO Pipeline: 24 companies are ripe
IPOs are the jewel in the crown of exits. By offering shares to the public, entrepreneurs and the investors get to touch the liquidity base, on the one hand. Companies get to demonstrate their assets and accelerate their growth, on the other hand. The public markets, though, have their own mood swings and do not always welcome tech IPOs. The public markets’ tastes can be unexpected and keep changing, though 2017 looks like a good year for tech IPOs
From the Editor
Success driven information and analytics
Israel is considered as one of the world leading tech hubs and, as a result, a major player in alternative assets, especially venture capital. After 25 years of extensive activity, IVC, which has tracked Israeli high tech for 20 years, has learned that in the past five years, 2,400 high-tech companies have gone out of business.
Zvika Schechter's Recommended Reads of November
Zvika Schechter, co-founder and Managing Director of Giza Venture Capital, is an avid reader. He goes through piles of material and sends us articles he finds interesting and relevant, on subjects spanning technology, venture capital, investments and how business is done. We are sharing some of his best recommendations with you.
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Financing Rounds
Company Name Round Type Capital Raised
Seebo First Round $8m
Spot.IM Second Round $25m
Climacell First Round $15m
DIGEST: 46 financing rounds were made this month.
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Most Viewed Companies
Company Name
Arbe Robotics
DIGEST: There are currently 7628 high-tech profiles in the database. These are the top -3 most viewed in the past month.
IVC-Online Highlights
Company Name Exit Type Amount
Visualead Acquired $40m
Spontix Acquired $0.715m
IOPtima Acquired $56m
6 exits were closed this month.
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Seeking Capital
Company Name Capital Raised
MyCherrity $0.01m
Media Forest N/A
Tap2Pay $0.35m
DIGEST: 47 startups are now raising capital.
These are the latest 3.
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Upcoming Events
Event Name Event Date
ICI Meeting 2017 Dec. 05, 2017
TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2017 Dec. 05, 2017
The 4th annual Family Office Super Summit Dec. 06, 2017
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Company of the Month
Monday Ltd.
Monday is a tool that transforms the way teams work together. Their mission is to help teams build a culture of transparency, empowering everyone to achieve more and be happier at work.
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Trading Places
Lip-Bu Tan
Eucalyptus Innovation Capital
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Fiona Darmon
General Partner & COO
Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) Management
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In the News
5,000 Arab engineers are employed today, up from 300 in 2007.
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Dallas Business Leaders Run VC Firm Backing Israeli Startups
Gefen Capital Investments LLP is a unique U.S.-Israeli investment group led by Dallas business leaders Sheldon Stein and David Wiessman. It also counts Ross Perot Jr. among its investors.
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