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AUG.31.2017 | Highlights of the Israeli high-tech, venture capital, startups and private equity industry
Research Highlights
IVC-Shibolet Summary of Israeli Private Equity Market - Q2 2017
» Private equity funds invested $807M in H1/2017 - the lowest in 3 years – assuming a safe strategy » Number of Israeli private equity deals grow in H1/2017– 17% up from H1/2016 » Israeli PE funds' investments improve in H1/2017 – $470M following a very active Q1/2017
Venture Capital Industry Trends and Analysis – 2016 | Israeli venture capital funds investments
Israeli venture capital funds invested a total of $634 million in Israeli high-tech companies in 2016, marginally more than the $627 million invested in 2015.
From the Editor
Coming soon to a desktop near you: IVC-Online 3.0
In the past few months we have been working intensively on the next version of IVC-Online, and I am happy to tell you that we will be launching our beta version VERY soon. Before we tell you what to expect – and there’s plenty to look forward to – we thought we’d share some of our insights from this months-long grueling, yet exciting, process.
Zvika Schechter's Recommended Reads of August
Zvika Schechter, co-founder and Managing Director of Giza Venture Capital, is an avid reader. He goes through piles of material and sends us articles he finds interesting and relevant, on subjects spanning technology, venture capital, investments and how business is done. We are sharing some of his best recommendations with you.
Shana Tova vemetuka
IVC High-Tech Yearbook 

The IVC High-Tech Yearbook 2017
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Brought to you by the renowned IVC Research Center, the 2017 IVC High-Tech Yearbook is a comprehensive publication geared specifically for the Israel venture capital community. The yearbook includes valuation, funding and statistical analysis of the VC deals in Israel, as well as in-depth profiles, stats and contact information for the vast majority of Israeli high tech companies. The 2017 IVC High-Tech Yearbook has been redesigned in an innovative format that makes navigation easier than ever. .
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Financing Rounds
Company Name Round Type Capital Raised
Mazor PIPE $40m
ScaleMP Sixth Round $10m
ShieldIOT Seed N/A
DIGEST: 44 financing rounds were made this month.
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Most Viewed Companies
Company Name
OryX Vision
DIGEST: There are currently 7735 high-tech profiles in the database. These are the top -3 most viewed in the past month.
IVC-Online Highlights
Company Name Exit Type Amount
R2Net Acquired $329m
Applause Acquired N/A
DoubleVerify Acquired $200m
13 exits were closed this month.
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Seeking Capital
Company Name Capital Raised
WeKnow $0.5m
QSee $0.5m
Apprente $0.308m
DIGEST: 41 startups are now raising capital.
These are the latest 3.
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Upcoming Events
Event Name Event Date
5th China(Mianyang) International High-Tech Expo Sep. 01, 2017
DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival 2017 Sep. 07, 2017
China's Mobile Economy - Yoni Argaman: VP Marketing ,InnerActive Sep. 03, 2017
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Company of the Month
Pickspace gathers the best co-working spaces and shared office spaces from around the world into one place and helps entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and companies find the workspace that best fits their needs - by hour, day, month or year. Pickspace leads the coworking space industry with a worldwide platform, featuring locations in +35 different countries. Last month Pickspace released a brand new white label community app which enables co-working spaces, hubs and accelerators to build thriving business communities!
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Trading Places
Ran Senderovitz
General Manager – Development Centers, GM Retail and Wireless Gateways
Intel Israel Petach Tikva
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Karin Eibshits-Segal
General Manager - Campuses & VP, Platform Engineering Group
Intel Israel Ltd.
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In the News
Connected Lean
Connected Assets Accelerate the Journey to Lean Manufacturing
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China guidelines to overseas investment
On 18th August, China State Council has released a guideline to promote healthy growth of overseas investment and prevent risks.
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High-Tech Industry Reports
Report of the Month
Israeli High-Tech Exits
Detailing Israeli high-tech exits (M&As and IPOs) achieved in the past two years, this report includes names, dates, amount and more, allowing you to research the large, most prominent deals to small, lesser known ones...
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