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SEPT.28.2017 | Highlights of the Israeli high-tech, venture capital, startups and private equity industry
Research Highlights
Israeli Equity Crowdfunding: 145 Israeli high-tech companies were financed by equity crowdfunding platforms in past five years
Key facts: • 17 Israeli equity crowdfunding portfolio high-tech companies made an exit • 88% of exits were done by OurCrowd portfolio companies • Nine equity crowdfunding platforms are active in Israel; two of these are foreign.
iPhone X and the golden years of the Israeli mobile sector
The festive ten-year anniversary of the1st iPhone, celebrated on Sep’ 12, marked the phenomenal disruption the device made in everyday life all over the world. Through this decade, the mobile communication sector has changed dramatically.
From the Editor
How to Run Effective BoD Meetings
Every company should have a Board of Directors The primary responsibility of a company’s board of directors is directing, approving, and overseeing the strategic and financial operations of the business. Each board member has a fiduciary duty to represent the best interests of the company and all its shareholders.
Zvika Schechter's Recommended Reads of September
Zvika Schechter, co-founder and Managing Director of Giza Venture Capital, is an avid reader. He goes through piles of material and sends us articles he finds interesting and relevant, on subjects spanning technology, venture capital, investments and how business is done. We are sharing some of his best recommendations with you.
Gmar hatima tova
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Financing Rounds
Company Name Round Type Capital Raised
Colospan Third Round $7.7m
PlayBuzz Fourth Round $35m
Fidmi First Round $2m
DIGEST: 37 financing rounds were made this month.
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Most Viewed Companies
Company Name
DIGEST: There are currently 7678 high-tech profiles in the database. These are the top -3 most viewed in the past month.
IVC-Online Highlights
Company Name Exit Type Amount
Gigya Acquired $350m
Cloudigo Acquired N/A
DSIT Sonar & Acoustics Acquired N/A
7 exits were closed this month.
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Seeking Capital
Company Name Capital Raised
Annabella $0.05m
api.all $0.5m
AniBone $0.35m
DIGEST: 38 startups are now raising capital.
These are the latest 3.
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Upcoming Events
Event Name Event Date
Shoptalk Europe 2017 Oct. 11, 2017
FIPP World Congress 2017 Oct. 11, 2017
The 8th Asia-Pacific Congress on Sports Technology (APCST) 2017 Oct. 16, 2017
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Company of the Month
VRHealth develops breakthrough medical solutions using VR (Virtual Reality) environments, delivering real-time data analytics that benefits patients, clinicians, and other healthcare professionals, at clinics, hospitals or at home. The company develops products for the fields of physical therapy, psychology, cognitive rehabilitation, pain management, and coordination disorders. VRHealth’s flagship product – VRPhysio™ – is a digital healthcare platform that leverages Virtual Reality for enhancing physical therapy. VRPhysio™ is the 1st VR-based medical device for physical therapy authorized by the FDA.
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Trading Places
Kfir Birenboim
Symantec Israel Ltd.
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Kare Schultz
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
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In the News
Chinese millionaire to set up artificial intelligence lab in Haifa
Zong Qinghou, the CEO of one of China’s largest companies, will provide the AI center with at least $10 million over five years. Chinese millionaire to set up artificial intelligence lab in Haifa
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Chinese investors bet on Mideast high-tech start-ups for bigger stakes
Many Chinese firms have been investing in the Israeli market over the past two years. The investment logic of these companies is to introduce Israeli products or technology, mainly in the high-tech and healthcare sectors, to the Chinese market. In addition to acquiring local mature firms, such companies are now pouring investment into Israeli start-ups, either directly or via local funds.
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High-Tech Industry Reports
Report of the Month
Israeli High-Tech Exits
Detailing Israeli high-tech exits (M&As and IPOs) achieved in the past two years, this report includes names, dates, amount and more, allowing you to research the large, most prominent deals to small, lesser known ones...
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