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MAY.31.2018 | Highlights of the Israeli high-tech, venture capital, startups and private equity industry
Research Highlights
Israeli companies set to hit the jackpot on US Supreme Court decision on sports betting
A US Supreme Court ruling on May 14 to legalize sports betting is expected to have a huge impact on Israeli companies in the online gambling space.
IVC Research Center Presents: The Israeli WaterTech Ecosystem 2018 at a Glance
There are 200 Israeli WaterTech Companies from a wide range of sectors. During the passing decade, WaterTech companies raised $305 million. WaterTech Exits totalled $220 million in 16 deals.
From the Editor
Herd Mentality & VCs
The Press Glorifies Success Stories Missed by VCs
Zvika Schechter's Recommended Reads of May
Zvika Schechter, co-founder and Managing Director of Giza Venture Capital, is an avid reader. He goes through piles of material and sends us articles he finds interesting and relevant, on subjects spanning technology, venture capital, investments and how business is done. We are sharing some of his best recommendations with you.
IVC Magazine FEB 2018
IVsCene – IVC’s Magazine
IVC Magazin   The magazine includes the high-tech research summary for 2017 and an overview of the Israeli medical cannabis eco-system

A comprehensive publication geared specifically for the Israel venture capital community.The research section includes valuation, funding and statistical analysis of the VC deals in Israel, as well as in-depth profiles, stats and contact information for the vast majority of Israeli high tech companies. The February issue presenting a dedicated overview of Israel’s medical cannabis eco-system. IVC Research Center screened the high-tech medical cannabis companies, investors cutting edge technologies and leading investors.
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Financing Rounds
Company Name Round Type Capital Raised
Vulcan Cyber Seed $4m
Magic Software PIPE $35m
Cred Seed $0.12m
DIGEST: 44 financing rounds were made this month.
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Most Viewed Companies
Company Name
DIGEST: There are currently 7771 high-tech profiles in the database. These are the top -3 most viewed in the past month.
IVC-Online Highlights
Company Name Exit Type Amount
Nortec Acquired $7m
Enertec Systems Acquired $5.25m
Playcast Acquired N/A
10 exits were closed this month.
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Seeking Capital
Company Name Capital Raised
PVPredict $1.5m
EllR $2m
GoTo N/A
DIGEST: 46 startups are now raising capital.
These are the latest 3.
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Upcoming Events
Event Name Event Date
Israel Mobile Summit Jun. 05, 2018
Israel EdTech Summit 2018 Jun. 07, 2018
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Company of the Month
PerimeterX is a provider of scalable, behavior-based threat protection technology for the web, cloud and mobile. Its security service PerimeterX Bot Defender™ accurately protects commerce, media and enterprise websites from all types of automated or non-human attacks, at any scale. Unlike other security solutions which place a proxy between customer and website, PerimeterX can detect and stop any automated threats with integration that is as simple as adding a JavaScript tag.
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Trading Places
Revital Mandil Levin
Chief Business Development Officer
CollPlant Ltd.
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Amir Faintuch
Investment Director
Intel Capital
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In the News
Israel's innovation, often in elite military departments such as the cyber intelligence Unit 8200, wireless sensors, security, location finding and analytics software means it is well positioned
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Japan's TDK expanding Israel operations
The company is enlarging its TDK-Lambda development center by 40% and setting up a second development center in Karmiel.
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High-Tech Industry Reports
Report of the Month
High-Tech Financing Rounds
This report delves deep into Israeli high-tech capital raising and venture capital financing, detailing all financing rounds by Israeli high-tech companies in the past two years, including dates, amounts and investors. The report can be delivered by sector, stage or type of deal.
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