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IVC is committed to improving its Online Database features and functionalities. We are happy to share 3 new updates which will upgrade your search capabilities and results.

Search updates

Search By Tags

Search Tags
Tags are the way we allocate a company to a specific industry, cluster or vertical - in order to better associate its line of interest.
When searching for a company, you may choose one or more tags, depending on how broad you need your search to be...
Notable Tags Include:
Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Blockchain, Cyber Security, Digital Health, FinTech, Foodtech, And more...

Search By Total Capital Raised
Search by Capital raised
Often, companies' size or stage can also be determined by the amount of money raised. Here you'll be able to differentiate between the different maturity levels companies go through.
Search By Financing Rounds
Search by Financing Rounds
Another way of finding the right company is by Financiang Rounds. As companies mature and grow, they move up the 'food-chain'. Filtering your search by financing rounds can assist in narrowing down the list.

More search features are coming in the next weeks and months, stay tuned...

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