An intuitive collaboration between IVC Online and Compass Ventures offer Chinese investors and corporations a unique access to the Israeli High-Tech ecosystem: innovative start-ups, local and foreign investors, hubs, accelerators and incubators.


IVC Research Center offers the most updated data, emerging trends and useful insights about the Israeli high tech ecosystem since 1997, enabling clients to identify opportunities with access to the latest news, trends and developments.

Mr. Adiv Baruch, chairman of the Israel Export Institute, Mr. Moshe Kamar, GM of the CIIC, along with his team at the IVC Research Center stand, Compass visitors center, Beijing.

Compass Ventures turns opportunities around the world, in both the private and public sectors, into thriving businesses that bring innovation into their industries.

Compass Ventures is an investment group that bridges between entrepreneurs and global ventures. There for its only natural the two entities come together to offer beneficial services and added value both in China and Israel.

Stay tuned for news and updates.

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