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IVC is the premier data source for quantitative research and business information about Israel's tech ecosystem. IVC's products and services enable to identify opportunities and make valuable connections in the Israeli technology and innovation ecosystem.
Database Access
What can you do with it?
Unlock a comprehensive view of the Israeli tech ecosystem—access information on startups, investors, accelerators, multinational corporations, and entrepreneurs. Stay updated with the latest on financing deals, M&As, IPOs, new companies, and new investors.

Annual access for one user: 9,950 NIS (+VAT)
Additional 2-6 users: 2,950 NIS (+VAT) per user
Site License Subscription package 7-15 users: 26,450 NIS (+VAT)
Additional user (User # 16, 17...): 1,950 NIS (+VAT)

Customized BI Dashboards
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Craft your customized data feed by defining your interest in companies, executives, tech verticals, and financial events. Choose specific data points and customize the display to ensure that relevant data and analytics are obtained.

Price per application

Data Analytics
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Empower your insights with IVC's Data Analytics dashboards, offering unparalleled access to detailed and aggregated data about financing rounds, exits, investment activity, and emerging trends. The analytics suite ensures informed decisions.

Annual access: 12,000 NIS (+VAT)

API Services
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A web service suite that facilitates seamless integration of your information systems with the IVC-Online Database. The API provides access, connectivity, and a bridge between proprietary systems and IVC's database, ensuring effortless data exchange and synchronization.

Price per application

What can you do with it?
(*Available only for annual subscribers)
Use the Advanced Search options and filters to create a list of entities and download the results into an Excel sheet.
Available types of data exports are:

Price per export

Customized Reports
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Dive into the details, explore a specific tech sector, or discover particular investment activities; the Customized Reports are your key to data-based insights. Gain in-depth overviews of tech sectors and trends, reveal historic financial events, and access raw data for thorough research. The Customized Reports analyze market dynamics, track investment trends, and provide tailored intelligence for making informed decisions and staying ahead of the competition.

Price per application