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The Israeli Public Service Venture Fund, founded in 2002, is Israel’s most successful venture fund, with the best returns. With a portfolio of option donations from over 830 companies and tens of exits, Tmura has generated over NIS 100,000,000 for education and other youth-related initiatives.



Education For Excellence

Over 150,000 children and youth with potential for excellence who live in Israel’s periphery do not have the appropriate support system that would enable them to realize their potential. Many of them find it difficult to complete high school or integrate into society. Educating for Excellence currently operates 54 unique excellence centers Israel-wide, with 4,000 students and 740 members of our Graduates Network.


IFIE - The Israeli Forum For Impact Economy

The IFIE acts as the Israel National Advisory Board (NAB) to the Global Steering Group (GSG). Chaired by Sir Ronald Cohen, the GSG has 33 member countries in addition to the European Union (EU). The GSG is a global organization that brings together leaders from finance, business, and philanthropy. Its objective is to catalyze impact investment and entrepreneurship to benefit people and the planet.

Alon and Ella

Alon and Ella provides support, accompaniment and assistance to those in need of any kind. Mr. Alon Brickman and Attorney Shlomit Harel-Schwartz, decided to fulfill a common dream and institutionalize the activity within the framework of an association which will be a warm home for volunteers. The association is named after the late Ella, Shlomit's daughter.