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Navigating Tech Trends: IVC's at the forefront of Israel's tech data & insights, analysis, quantitative research, and advanced Business Intelligence tools


Company Overview

Established in 1997, IVC is Israel's tech ecosystem's premier data source, quantitative research, and business information provider. Our commitment is to deliver the most comprehensive, accurate, and timely data, research, analytics, and insights on Israel's dynamic tech sector, startups, investors, and innovation.

IVC provides our clients with the latest news, trends, and developments, equipping them to formulate strategic decisions and secure a competitive position in the Israeli tech market. Our services enable clients to make valuable connections and identify opportunities in the dynamic landscape of technology and innovation.


IVC's Products



Quickly discover and download information like financial deals, specific entities, or individuals with a user-friendly tool that provides Advanced Search options and filters. The custom lists are downloaded directly to Excel, streamlining your data exploration experience.



A gateway to real-time insights into the vibrant Israeli tech ecosystem. Access data on tech companies, VC funds, PE firms, angel investors, incubators, accelerators, multinational corporations, and over 70,000 C-level executives, providing a comprehensive view of the ecosystem at your fingertips.



The web-based dashboard allows real-time access to IVC data according to customer requirements.



The Business Intelligence (BI) tool seamlessly blends advanced capabilities with the expertise of IVC professionals to provide insights and macro-level analysis of the Israeli tech industry.



With IVC's API, customers can seamlessly integrate their applications with the IVC-Online database.


IVC's Services



IVC conducts a wide-scale search into the Israeli tech ecosystem, analyzing industry trends as new verticals emerge.



IVC supports various local and global efforts with data enrichment services, adding value to any tech-focused event, report, and publication



IVC offers analyzed reports and user dashboards, transforming data into insights through digital solutions and human resources.



The Digital Scouting service excels in identifying, locating, and fostering connections between technology startups, corporations, and investors, enhancing the efficiency of the scouting and matching processes.



Among Our Clients

IVC addresses organizations keen on tapping into the dynamic and vibrant Israeli tech ecosystem. Our diverse clientele includes strategic and financial investors, both local and international VC funds, Family Offices, Angels, Corporate Venture Capitalists (CVC), Private Equity (PE) funds, Fund of Funds, Incubators and Accelerators, service providers, NGOs, government agencies, multinational corporations, academic institutions, startups, research organizations, entrepreneurs, and more.



Management Team


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Guy Holtzman | Co-Founder and Chairman of the board

Prior to IVC, Guy founded and managed Keyotta, a headhunting talent boutique for senior level managerial positions. Earlier in his career, Guy was IVC’s co-founder and CEO from 1999-2008, When he led a rapid growth, positioning the company, then a small start-up as the leading source of business information on Israel’s high-tech ecosystem. In the past, Guy was a Business Development Manager at Giza Venture Capital, one of Israel’s leading venture capital funds and Vice President of Investment Banking at THCG Israel.
 Guy holds an MBA in business management from Ben-Gurion University and a BA in economics from Tel Aviv University. 
    Ben Klein | Chief Executive Officer

Responsible for day-to-day operations at IVC Research Center covering Marketing, Communication, Production and Relationships initiative both on and off line. Prior to joining IVC Ben worked in startup environments doing general management, sales, operations, and business turn around in Israel, Australia and Japan, and successfully sold 2 companies he founded.
    Doron Rosenbaum | VP, Data

Heads the Information, Research and Production departments and is responsible for managing the IVC-Online Database comprised of information on thousands of Israeli high-tech companies and key executives. Prior to joining the IVC team, Doron held the position of Information Manager at Koldoon, online information providers of pre-IPO high-tech startup technology companies and investors in Israel, Europe and the U.S. Doron holds a BA in Hotel & Tourism Management from Ryerson Polytechnic University in Toronto, Canada. 
    Shmulik Shelach | Director of Quantitative Analysis and Technology

Has diversified experience in combining Technology and Finance throughout his career. Prior to IVC, Mr. Shelach worked as a Financial Quant (Self Employed) and prior to that he acted as financial and tech corresponded in Daily Globes, the biggest financial paper in Israel. Mr. Shelach holds MSc. In Economics and Management from the Hebrew University.


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חברת IVC הוקמה בשנת 1997, ומאז הפכה לספקית מובילה של דטה, מחקר כמותי, ומידע עסקי  אודות ההיי-טק הישראלי. אנו מחוייבים להנגיש מידע, מחקר, ניתוחים ותובנות מדוייקים ואמינים המספקים תמונה כוללת ומלאה על הפעילות העסקית בסקטור הטכנולוגי הישראלי. מאגר המידע של IVC כולל חברות סטרטאפ, משקיעים, תאגידים זרים ומרכזי חדשנות.

IVC מספקת ללקוחותיה את החדשות, הטרנדים, והתפתחויות האחרונות, במטרה לאפשר להם לקבל החלטות אסטרטגיות מבוסס מידע, ולשמור על עמדה תחרותית בהיי-טק הישראלי.

שירותי החברה מאפשרים ללקוחות ליצור קשרים אסטרטגיים ולזהות הזדמנויות באקוסיסטם הטכנולוגי הישראלי.