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Israel Tech Review and Reports

The Israeli Tech Review is the first-of-its-kind report in Israel, reviewing all Israeli high-tech activity – fundraising, mergers and acquisitions, and the capital market, providing a birds' eye analysis of the industry.

Funding Rounds Deals Projection: Methodology

Pre-Seed and Early Investment: Methodology
Israel Tech Review 2023
2023 wasn’t a typical year for the Israeli tech ecosystem. In the 25 years IVC has been collecting and analyzing data about Israeli tech, there has never been any event like October 7 and the following war.
The Israeli Tech Review 2023 also shows vital signs demonstrating the vibrant Israeli tech ecosystem didn’t halt. Capital raising median has shown stability over the year. Early-stage amounts totaled $220 million, relatively high compared to the figures from the past few years due to two large deals in seed rounds.
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IVC Special Reports

Fresh and current, IVC covers trending elements such as ‘The Spring of Blockchain’, ‘US-China trade war’, ‘Israeli VC Funds Activity’, ‘The Israeli Cyber Security Social Network’, ‘The Wall St. Bear Market and Israeli Tech’ among others, highlighting important facts and figures relating to Israeli high-tech, Venture Capital and everything in between.
Israeli Tech Gender Analysis 2023
It turns out that having a woman on the founding team makes a startup company more resilient in terms of the survivability rate – the chance of the company remaining active after several years. While this rate reaches 53% in startups founded by women only, and 56% in startups formed by women and men together, it only reaches 51% in companies where the founding teams consist of men only (and the difference is statistically significant).

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Investors Report (Most Active Funds) 2022

Analyzing investors and Venture Capital Funds (VCs) activities is challenging. While the quantity and quality of shared information increased significantly in recent years, there is still more unknown than known about the funds’ activities.
The Investors Report (Most Active Funds) aims to provide a deep dive into the Israeli start-up funding ecosystem, and overviews the key players who fund Israeli startups.
IVC – Gornitzky GNY Investors Report 2022
This report reviews the trends and activities of investors and venture capital funds in Israel in 2022 and details many aspects of such activity including fund raising by the VCs, number and amounts of investments and more.
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Published twice a year, the magazine includes a research summary of capital raising, exits, most active funds and notable deals in the Israeli high-tech. In addition, the magazine presents an in-depth research on a specific Israeli high-tech vertical or cluster. Previous magazines featured topics such as Canna-Tech, Food-Tech, Technology meets art, Open Innovation and more…
IVC February 2020 Issue – Israeli Tech Decade Summary
The February 2020 issue of IVC Magazine - IVC Annual Israeli Tech Review - focuses on the passing decade of Israel' tech sector (2010-2019). The review includes research summary, maps, data, and articles by leading high-tech executives wrapping-up the past decade and offering their view on the upcoming tech trends in 2020: Aharon Aharon, Chemi Peres, Karin Mayer, Oren Bar-on, Jon Medved and Dov Moran.
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