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IVC Industry Analytics

High-Tech Capital Raising Analytics

The High-Tech Capital Raising Analytics set of dashboards combines two IVC power tools; The IVC-ZAG High-Tech Report and the IVC Industry Analytics BI tool.

The IVC-ZAG High-Tech Capital Raising Survey, conducted by IVC in cooperation with ZAG-S&W, reviews capital raised by private Israeli high-tech companies. In this set of dashboards, we are offering IVC Industry Analytics subscribers, the power of our BI tool to look into the Survey data, in new, interactive ways.

With information provided since 2009 and presented by Quarter, analyses include variables such as
Total Capital Raised
($M), the Number of Deals and Average Deal ($M) presented across multiple parameters:

 >> Total by Year presents the data for the general population of Israeli high-tech companies
VC-Backed  presents the data only for deals with at least one venture capital fund participating as investor
Stage analyses the variables by company stage of development at the time of financing
Deal Size looks further at the data, presenting variables across different ranges of deal-size, from the below-the-million-dollar mark Seed rounds, to above-the-20-million-dollar threshold.
Deal Round analyzes the range of equity financing series from seed round to later financing rounds.
>>  Sector  offers a set of sector-specific dashboards with sub-sector drill down.
>>  Tech Verticals analyzes the variables across different technology sectors, and we are working on offering a set of  selected verticals covering the leading high-tech areas, such as cyber security, artificial intelligence, digital health, automotive verticals etc. 
IVC High-Tech Capital Raising Analytics Dashbaord

We published quarterly updates with highlights based on the Survey. See The High-Tech Capital Raising Survey page
here to find our latest or previous press release, find the Full Survey link (for members only) and follow on the trends.

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