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IVC Industry Analytics

Most Active Investors Analytics

Our annual IVC-APM Most Active Funds Report is focused on venture capital funds’ first investment in Israeli high-tech companies, but we know our users are curious about other investors, which is why we created the Most Active Investors set of dashboards.

The first, Top 20 Most Active Investors Dashboard, allows you to filter investors by a number of parameters. Once you tune the filters to your liking, the Dashboards present the results in two tables:

TOP 20 MOST ACTIVE FIRST INVESTORS – a table ranking the 20 most active investors by number of first investments.
Top 20 Most Active First Investor

TOP 20 MOST ACTIVE FIRST INVESTORS: PORTFOLIO DETAILS – matching the ranking, this table provides further details of the first investments made. 

Are you more interested in aggregates and trends rather than the detailed info? Then you want the Most Active Investor Visual Dashboard. We can explain, but a picture is worth a 1000 words…
Most Active Investors Visual Dashboard 

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