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Altair Semiconductor Ltd.

Tmura donor
Now Altair Semiconductor (a Sony Group company) LTD
High-Tech Company Semiconductors: Wireless Communication
Acquired by Sony Corp.
Connectivity, Energy, Internet of Things, LTE, Networking, SoC
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27/01/2016 מייסד אלטייר, חברת השבבים שנמכרה לסוני: "מי שמחפש תשואה לא נכנס לשוק הזה" כלכליסט
26/01/2016 סוני מאשרת את חשיפת TheMarker: תרכוש את אלטייר הישראלית ב-212 מיליון דולר דה מרקר
21/01/2016 אקזיט מאכזב - ההחזר על ההשקעה במכירת Altair: פחות מפי 2 גלובס
20/01/2016 עסקת ענק לסוני בישראל: רוכשת את חברת השבבים אלטייר בכ-220 מיליון דולר דה מרקר
23/12/2015 חברת Altair פותחת מרכז מחקר ופיתוח בטאיוואן TechTime
09/11/2015 ענקית השבבים אינפוטמיק תשקיע 50 מיליון דולר באלטייר מהוד השרון כלכליסט
12/05/2015 Altair Semiconductor Achieves AT&T Wireless 4G LTE Chipset Validation PRNewswire
25/02/2015 Altair Semiconductor says will bring 4G network to small devices Reuters
22/12/2014 Altair's CAT-4 150MBPS LTE Chipset Achieves Verizon Wireless Chipset Certification PRNewswire
18/11/2014 אלטייר תספק שבב LTE למחשבי כרומבוק של אסוס דה מרקר
17/11/2014 ASUS Selects Altair Semiconductor for New 'Always Connected' LTE Chromebook PRNewswire
08/09/2014 Altair Chipset Powers New Softbank Broadband Internet Devices in Japan PRNewswire
11/08/2014 Altair Joins the 450 MHz Alliance PRNewswire
17/06/2014 Altair ו-FIC הציגו את טאבלט ה-LTE הראשון ל-3.5GHz TechTime
09/06/2014 יצחק מירילשווילי מצטרף להשקעה של 25 מיליון ד' בחברת השבבים אלטייר דה מרקר
20/02/2014 Altair Releases Industry's Most Advanced Single Mode LTE Chipset PRNewswire
17/01/2014 הישג אדיר לסטארטאפ הישראלי Altair: גוגל בחרה בשבב 4G שלו לכרומבוקס Telecom News
16/01/2014 שבב ה-LTE של Altair הוטמע ב-HP Chromebook TechTime
15/01/2014 HP, Google Select Altair Semiconductor for Newest LTE-Only Chromebook PRNewswire
07/01/2014 CES 2014: Altair Semiconductor Partners with Ecrio for Commercial VoLTE Solution PRNewswire
06/12/2013 Israeli firm’s 4G chips find a home in Verizon tablet Times of Israel
07/10/2013 Israeli chips for the ‘Internet of everything’ Israel 21C
03/07/2013 A start-up disdains smartphones, looks to the Internet of everything Times of Israel
01/07/2013 אלטייר מגייסת 25 מיליון דולר לתחרות בקוואלקום כלכליסט
01/07/2013 4G LTE chipset co Altair Semiconductor raises $25m Globes
21/05/2013 Altair Selected by u-blox to Power Single-Mode LTE Wireless Modules PRNewswire
24/03/2013 Nvidia שילבה את Altair בתכנון ייחוס לטאבלט חדש TechTime
26/02/2013 Altair Introduces Single-Mode LTE NVIDIA Tegra 3 Tablet Reference Platform PRNewswire
09/01/2013 Gigastone Selects Altair's Verizon-Certified Chipset to Power the SmartBox® Wireless Portable Multimedia Router PRNewswire
07/01/2013 Altair Semiconductor Powers Yota Devices' New Generation of LTE USB Dongles PRNewswire
11/12/2012 Altair Chipsets to Power Devices Across China as Part of China Mobile's TD-LTE Commercial Trial Network Expansion PRNewswire
14/11/2012 Altair Semiconductor Chipsets Now Operational on 450MHz Frequency Band PRNewswire
28/08/2012 Altair Semiconductor Achieves Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Chipset Certification PRNewswire
14/05/2012 InformInvestGroup and Altair Semiconductor Team Up to Deliver LTE Solutions to Russia PRNewswire
07/05/2012 Altair Semiconductor Launches TD-LTE Chipset Optimized For Indian Market PRNewswire
24/04/2012 Altair Semiconductor is a Finalist for the 2012 Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award PRNewswire
24/04/2012 Semiconductor is a Finalist for the 2012 Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award PRNewswire
13/02/2012 Altair Semiconductor Teams With AI?NWireless to Power World's First LTE Windows7 Tablet PC PRNewswire
17/01/2012 Altair Semiconductor Completes LTE Band Class 14 Interoperability Testing with Alcatel-Lucent PRNewswire
10/01/2012 Altair Semiconductor and Ecrio Partner on Cost Efficient LTE IMS Mobile Device Platform PRNewswire
09/01/2012 CES 2012: Altair Semiconductor Announces Commercial Availability of an Embedded Linux Software Development Kit for Its FourGee™ LTE Chipset PRNewswire
04/01/2012 Altair Semiconductor Releases Production Test Tool Based on the Rohde & Schwarz CMW500, Optimized for Testing Mobile Terminals Equipped with Altair LTE Chipsets PRNewswire
29/11/2011 Altair Semiconductor Teams With AsiaTelco Technologies to Power World's FirstTD-LTE Mobile Hotspot PRNewswire
10/10/2011 ZTE and Altair Semiconductor to Partner on 4G Trial in Japan PRNewswire
03/10/2011 Altair Semiconductor Chipset Powers Softbank Mobile's 110Mbps 4G Demonstration PRNewswire
27/09/2011 Altair Semiconductor Chipsets Selected by Harris Corporation For Use in Its LTE Terminal Product Line PRNewswire
19/09/2011 Altair Semiconductor's LTE Technology Qualified by China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) for Use in LTE Networks in China PRNewswire
15/08/2011 Altair Semiconductor Breaks TD-LTE Speed Record, Achieving More Than 100Mbps in Live Network Configuration Demo PRNewswire
29/06/2011 Altair Semiconductor Opens Regional Headquarters in India PRNewswire
10/04/2011 LTE 4G chipset co Altair Semiconductor raises $26m Globes
16/02/2011 Alcatel-Lucent and Altair Semiconductor Enable TD-LTE Solutions for Emerging Markets PRNewswire
20/12/2010 Altair in chipset deal with Telefonica O2 Germany Globes
17/11/2010 Altair Semiconductor Chipsets Selected By Mobyland to Power First Commercial-Grade LTE Solution in Poland PRNewswire
27/09/2010 Get your chipset for 4G in Israel Israel 21C
27/07/2010 Altair Semiconductor Unveils TD-LTE Reference Design for Wireless Terminal Manufacturers PRNewswire
08/07/2010 IPWireless and Altair Semiconductor Partner to Develop Wireless Industry’s First Multi-Band, Multi-Mode Long Term Evolution (LTE) Modem PRNewswire
27/10/2009 Chip co Altair agrees major Taiwan deal Globes
23/09/2008 Altair raises funds from Japanese VC Globes
26/05/2008 Altair wins huge WiMAX deal with Japan's Willcom Globes
12/06/2007 WiMAX chip designer Altair Semiconductor raises $18m Globes
08/06/2006 FierceWiFi Names Altair Semiconductor As A 2006 'Fierce 15' Company PR
08/12/2005 Altair Semiconductor raises $8m in round led by BRM Globes
Last Updated: Mar 06, 2016

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