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Search Tips  

Define your search criteria by industry focus, funding history, location and more. 
» Refine and narrow down your search options according to year, amount of investment, revenues and more.
» Looking for an emerging technology or keyword? Check out our Keyword Glossary or try a keyword search.
Using the Keyword Search? Try using the "root string" or the shortest common denominator word. Example: are you looking for Financing related technologies? Instead of typing in all the possible terms such as "financing, financial, finance" etc. try just "financ" - it's not a word the English dictionary recognizes, but our search dictionary does.
And one more tip about Keyword Search: Try using the "Exact phrase" or "At least one of the words" checks. The first gets you exactly what you are looking for, but nothing close so you get more accurate results. The second gets you all possible related results, and could help when you are looking for a term that has some interchangeable. A good example of the latter is the use of the string "mobil wireless cell" to search for all mobile technology related references.
»  Want fast access to company executives? Try our quick search and narrow down your search by name only.
» Keep track of your saved Searches by using My IVC. Create your own personal account, track your search history and receive timely updates for companies in your account.
Check out the "walk-through" for more tips on how to use the Advanced Search. To view the "walk-through" go to Advanced Search and at the bottom right click the "Show me How" banner


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