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IVC-Meitar Israeli High-Tech Exits Report H1/2019


Israeli Exits Reach $14.48B in 66 Deals; Highest Value in H1 in last 5 Years


»   Excluding the Mellanox deal, total exit value reached $7.58B in H1/2019   
»   Four IPOs in H1/2019 raised $231M – Fiverr and Tufin were listed in the US  

Despite a slight decrease in the number of exits (which include: IPOs, M&As and buyouts), from 73 exits in H1/2018 to 66 exits in H1/2019, the total exit value in H1/2019 increased significantly from $6.49 billion in H1/2018 to $14.48 billion in H1/2019... read more

Check out the full IVC-Meitar High-Tech Exits Report 2019 presentation, or have a look at the 10-Year Exit Analytics Dashboard, that presents data in a fully interactive and user friendly interface, and is updated continually. 

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Israeli High-Tech Exits: Total & VC-Backed

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