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IVC-Shibolet Summary of Israeli Private Equity Market - Q2 2017   

» Private equity funds invested $807M in H1/2017 - the lowest in 3 years – assuming a safe strategy 
» Number of Israeli private equity deals grow  in H1/2017– 17% up from H1/2016
» Israeli PE funds' investments improve in H1/2017 – $470M following a very active Q1/2017

In Q2/2017, Israeli and foreign private equity funds participated in 19 private equity transactions, investing a total of $412 million. Notably, less deals were performed this quarter compared to Q2/2016 (22 deals) and Q1/2017 (29 deals), a 21 percent decrease from the three-year quarterly average (24 deals). The total amount invested by private equity funds in Q2/2017 was slightly up from the $396 million invested in Q1/2017, but significantly lower than the $1.26 billion invested in Q2/2016...Read more 

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