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Industry Maps

Based on thousands of records available in the IVC-Online Database, Industry Maps are visual representations - created in cooperation with Weave.em - of Israeli high-tech industry networks and connections, between investors, companies, people and more.

Angels Map - The Israeli Angels Map 2010-2015 shows the network of connections between Israeli and foreign private investors - angels - created by mutual co-investments since 2010. Over 200 individuals invested in more than one Israeli startups, and are considered angel investors. Some angel investors are lone wolves, but many co-invest with others. Some on a more opportunistic basis, while others prefer to co-invest in distinct groups, or mini-networks. Click on the link to see the map, or go to the Advanced Search engine, to find information about other angels.

Israeli Cyber Map - The Israeli Cyber Security Map, shows over 170 currently active venture-backed Israeli cyber technology startups and their ties to investors, including VC funds, government agencies and support programs, incubators, accelerators, corporate investors and more.

There are currently over 400 active cyber technology startups featured in IVC-Online, want to find more? Go to the Advanced Search page and try looking for "cyber" in the keyword search


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