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Products and Services

Annual Membership - 9,950 NIS

One-year unlimited access membership to the IVC-Online Database for a single user. 


Additional User Annual Membership - 2,950 NIS (per user) 

Access for 1-5 additional users at the same company and location.

(Valid for the duration of the initial full membership)

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Site License Package - 26,450 NIS 

Access for 7 to 15 users per company and location.

(Additional Site License users may be added for extra 1,950 NIS per user)

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Search Results – 1 results X 45 = 45 NIS  

If you require specific company information relevant to limited search criteria, Buy Search Results is the option you need.



Ex2Ex: IVC Export to Excel – packages or pay-as-you-go available 

A simple upgrade offered to IVC-Online Members, interested in exporting information of Excel. This tool, based on the IVC API, allows members to use the Advanced Search engine, to search for particular technology companies, and export a subset of the data to an Excel/CSV file.



Industry Analytics – price on application 

The BI tool by Sisense provides insights and macro level analysis of the Israeli High-Tech ecosystem.

(premium tool in combination with a yearly membership).

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IVC Customized High-Tech Reports – price on application 

IVC Provides a wide range of high-tech industry reports, crated by our skillful analysts and graphic designers in accordance with your specific needs.

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Scouting services – price on application 

A premium service designed to highlight the ‘cream of the crop’; IVC will find and connect you with the latest high-tech companies or investors according to your individual needs.

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Event production – price on application 

IVC offers production services, organizing and promoting your next event: guest-list, speakers, venue, marketing and more…

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E-direct – 6,000 NIS

Customized e-mail dissemination: an effective way to reach targeted audience or potential clients and promote your company’s products, services or events.

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API Web Services – price on application 

IVC API is a set of web services enables IVC’s customers to integrate their information systems with IVC-Online Database in a seamless transparent way.

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Our sales team will be happy to provide you with a quote. Please contact us by Email or by telephone, at: +972-73-212-2333

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