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Buy Search Results

If you want to buy specific company information relevant to limited search criteria, Buy Search Results is the option you need. When you search for an exact term in the search bar or on the Advanced Search page, we count the number of results or “cards” included in your search.

If you choose to buy search results, the package you purchase is based on the number of cards, giving you access to all cards in your search profile for a limited time. This means that when the number of results increases as we add more companies or key executives to IVC-Online, you will be able to view the additional cards at no extra charge, so long as your search results package is active.

You can access your purchased search results via My IVC Tools > Searches. Note that your search results package remains active until the expiration date noted on the Searches page.

How do we price your search results?

The package price is based on the number of cards shown in your search results when you first purchase it, multiplied by a fixed price per card, as follows:

Number of results x 45 NIS per card = your package price

If your defined search generates a large number of results, we recommend using the Refine tool to pinpoint more accurate search criteria and limit your number of results. If your search still generates numerous results (e.g., searching for all high-tech companies or a long list of key executives), you may want to consider IVC’s Annual Membership Package.

What’s a "Card"?
A Company Card contains detailed company information, including description, address and contact details, company management, investment information and much more. A Key Executive Card contains information about top company managers, including contact information, position, background, etc.

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