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IVC Survey

At IVC, we know how important it is for you to stay on top of your game. We give you the tools to be competitive and stay competitive – all year long. As part of our services offering, IVC conducts quarterly surveys that carefully monitor and study current trends in Israel’s venture capital and private equity industry. Our surveys are performed by a team of IVC analysts and with the full cooperation of VC and PE investors. Each survey represents a wealth of timely information and statistics, providing in-depth analysis of the capital raised by Israel’s technology companies during each quarter.

IVC-Meitar Israeli High-Tech Exits Report

The report summarizes exits of Israeli and Israel-related high-tech companies in merger & acquisition deals and initial public offerings, as well as buyouts performed by private equity and financial investors in Israeli and Israel-related* high-tech companies. VC-backed deals referred to in this report, represent exit deals where at least one venture capital fund was involved as a pre-exit investor

 *Israeli-related - A company which isn't listed in Israel but has at least one of the following characteristics: Headquartered in Israel; Has an R&D center in Israel; Has senior Israeli management or received funding from an Israeli company.

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IVC-ZAG Israeli Tech Funding Report

This report reviews capital raised by Israeli high-tech companies from Israeli and foreign venture capital funds as well as other investors, such as investment companies, corporate investors, incubators and angels. The report covers total investments in the Israeli venture capital sector, including both VC-backed rounds where at least one investor participating in the round was a VC fund, as well as deals not backed by venture capital funds.

The report is based on data from 431 investors of which 60 were Israeli VC funds and 371 were other entities.

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