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IVC Survey

At IVC, we know how important it is for you to stay on top of your game. We give you the tools to be competitive and stay competitive – all year long. As part of our services offering, IVC conducts quarterly surveys that carefully monitor and study current trends in Israel’s venture capital and private equity industry. Our surveys are performed by a team of IVC analysts and with the full cooperation of VC and PE investors. Each survey represents a wealth of timely information and statistics, providing in-depth analysis of the capital raised by Israel’s technology companies during each quarter.

We are proud of our roster of survey partners that includes KPMG - a leading global network of professional firms providing audit, tax and advisory services in over 150 countries, represented in Israel by Somekh Chaikin, Israel’s second largest accounting firm - and Shibolet, one of Israel's prominent, full-service, commercial-corporate law firms.


The IVC-KPMG Quarterly Survey is conducted by IVC in cooperation with KPMG Somekh Chaikin, Israel. The survey reviews capital raised by private Israeli high-tech companies, as well as Israeli VC fund investment activity. The survey is based on reports from Israeli VC management companies, investment angels, incubators, and other local investment entities as well as foreign investment entities.

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IVC-Shibolet Survey

The IVC-Shibolet Quarterly Survey, sponsored by IVC partner, Shibolet & Co., one of Israel’s prominent, full-service, commercial-corporate law firms, reviews Israeli private equity deals, such as buyouts, mezzanine deals and distressed debts. The survey is based on the activities of Israeli and foreign private equity funds.

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Investors, IVC invites you to participate in the Survey:  Survey participants receive the Survey PRs and may also request a copy of the Full Survey Report. IVC guarantees confidentiality of data provided by participants, publishing only aggregated data. If you wish to receive IVC's survey questionnaire, please contact Marianna Shapira, IVC’s Research Manager. Please state the survey you are interested in.

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