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IVC Industry Analytics
First launched in 2014, IVC Industry Analytics is our BI tool, which serves as a premium extension to IVC-Online membership, with insights and macro level analysis of the IVC-Online Database. IVC IA packs a lot of information into an interactive tool providing insights on deals, averages, sectors and much more.

IVC IA dashboards offer insightful, interesting and actionable information that you can export to Excel, drill down, adjust, or just copy and paste as picture directly into your own reports and presentations.

IVC Industry Analytics Dashboards add a birds-eye view of the Israeli high-tech industry, to make your decision making process even more efficient. Analysts will love this tool, but decision makers are the ones who’d need it the most.

Available dashboards include: 

  Exits Analytics Dashboard – This set analyzes ten years’ worth of data on high-tech M&As and IPOs. The 10 Year Exits Analytics Dashboard is an interactive visual tool providing insights on deals, averages, sectors and much more, while the Five Year Exits Analytics Detailed Dashboard lets you drill down to individual deals.

  Most Active Investors Dashboard – We know you already love our Most Active Funds Report, but now check out other investors – how about comparing incubators and accelerators? Or why not analyze Angels and Angel Clubs – It is now available, and we actually have a few of them...
  The Detailed Financing Rounds Dashboard is an interactive deal search tool, completing our Information Highlights' Financing Rounds table. Filter deals by year, sector, sub-sector, type of rounds, deal size and venture capital backing, and export your results to excel to continue your analysis.  

  The Top Tags Analytics Set of Dashboards provides insights for top tags (cyber security, fintech, machine vision, adtech) in terms of the number of new companies established per year, total capital raised, exits analysis, industry status by both company stage and sector, as well as number of employees by company size.

High-Tech Financing Rounds Analytics – a set of dashboards that, along with the IVC-KPMG High-Tech Capital Raising Survey, will give you an up-to-the-minute analysis of capital raising by high-tech companies in Israel, analyzed by time span, sector, size of deal, stage and more.

  Israeli VC Fund Investment Analytics – This set of dashboards complement the High-Tech Financing Rounds Analytics with deals analyzed from the point of view of Israeli VC fund general high-tech investments, first rounds vs. follow on rounds and more.
  Israeli VC Funds Dashboard –Are you familiar with our VC Fund Raising Report? Well this dashboard is it, on steroids… Presenting an analysis of capital raising by VC funds, number of active funds and capital available for investments – drill down by time frame, fund type, size, vintage year and more.
  Israeli Startup Analtytics – This latest set of dashboards looks at Israeli startups in numbers. Try the Startups Opened dashboard to learn about companies by year of establishment and filter by sector, sub-sector current status or stage, and more. Interested in the downside of startups? Look at the Ceased Startups dashboard.

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