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Freshionup.com is a peer-to-peer marketplace hosting independent (Indies) fashion designers and stylists, a support system, an enabler that lets emerging fashion designers start a business with minimum risks, while increasing their survival rate tremendously, and giving fashion fans an answer to their dreams and wishes. Uniqueness and freshens. On Freshionup.com Indies join free, no entry barriers set on their path. No investment is required and even a small collection is enough to go online and "feel" the market. Risks are minimal, chances of exposure are high and immediate market feedback is guaranteed, all with no costs. Indies use eBay, amazon or etsy as selling platforms, but none are fashion verticals so they hardly attract fashion consumers, curators, retail buyers etc. Freshionup focuses on independent fashion designers only. Freshionup charges transaction's fee only so Indies risk nothing, consumers get allot, thus its business potential is huge.
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