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"Vintage uses the IVC website daily. It is complementary to our own internal, proprietary database, and it is one of the first resources we turn to in order to get an up-to-date and accurate picture of the venture capital industry in Israel."

Abe Finkelstein

Vintage Ventures

“I have found IVC Online to be an outstanding resource. It provides easy access to updated accurate information regarding Israeli fund raising and the business community. I use it on a daily basis to check current events and as a quick reference for past financings, and cross referencing contacts. In addition, IVC’s staff is very professional in its response to questions and special requests.”

Max J. Puyanic

William Blair International

“IVC Research Center Database has been a valuable tool for ClickWise in attaining relevant and accurate information on companies operating in the Israeli High Tech Sector, the information is found to be up-to-date and well formed, the intuitive interface and fast response of the website makes using the database welcoming and a host of value-added services makes for ClickWise, a market leader in Search Engine Marketing & Promotion a complete solution for attaining relevant leads in our industry”

Ron Pick

ClickWise Ltd.

“Carmel has been a loyal customer of IVC for many years and it is a key resource of information for our work. IVC's coverage of the Israeli high-tech industry is extensive, reliable, and a "must-have" for numerous players that wish to take part in this industry.“

Shira Sarid-Hausirer
Carmel Ventures

“The Guberman Group is a service provider to the high-tech community and as such can fully appreciate what a powerful tool can the IVC-Online Database be. We aspire to become leaders in providing accounting services to start-up companies in Israel and the useful search interface and alerts keep us fully informed with all the important details we need to obtain regarding potential clients. The variety of immediate information provided to us by the IVC-Online Database helps us in achieving the knowledge we need to market our business on a daily bases.”

Guy Heller

Business Development Manager
The Guberman Group

“I fully endorse the value of IVC Online for companies that rely on accurate, up-to-date information on the Israeli business community. It is a wonderfully simple, yet powerful tool that streamlines the research process and meets our needs for high-quality, high-speed and comprehensive information. In a fast-paced environment where accuracy and timeliness are business-critical, it provides us with a unique, competitive advantage. I highly recommend.”

Zeev Klein
General Partner
Landmark Ventures

"IVC Online is the most comprehensive tool there is for tracking and following Israeli tech companies, startups and investors. I use it on daily basis and made sure everyone on my team has access to IVC-Online. The daily updates are great and help me keep my finger on the Israeli high-tech pulse and the reports\ insights we produce from the Database serve us in selling the value of the Israeli high-tech industry back at Microsoft HQ in Redmond. Keep up the great work – a very satisfied customer."

Tzahi (Zack) Weisfeld
Senior Director of Business Strategy & Development
Microsoft Israel R&D Center

"I find IVC as my harbor for reliable information on companies and people I look for in and adjacent to the Israeli high-tech. It is up to date, it doesn’t forget history, it compiles information one may find at several different websites, and above all I know I have a face behind the service that I can pick up the phone any time to talk to.”

Yaacov De Russo
Technology and Business Strategy development
Micron Israel

"RDC is a technology investment house owned by Rafael Defense systems and Elron. We are actively looking for new early stage investments. We have been using IVC's informative database for few years, so we knew we could rely on IVC to reach out to the Israeli high-tech community. With the IVC-Online database, we were able to define the target audience, as well as use a segmented mailing service and expose our mission to the entrepreneurial and high-tech communities in Israel. The results surpassed our expectations and our goal was certainly achieved, resulting in dozens of new investment opportunities and quality leads to follow." 

Giora Shaked
RDC - Rafael Development Corporation

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