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IVC High-Tech Events


Planning a high-tech or investor community event? Need to promote it? Interested in reaching thousands of potential attendees in your area of expertise? Let IVC be your partner to help you plan, organize and market your next event. From guest lists to venues, speakers and market collaterals, IVC will handle your company’s event from the opening plenary session, until the very last guest goes out the door.

At IVC, we know the difference between a conference and an unforgettable event. While planning and orchestrating numerous industry events in recent years, we’ve learned a thing or two. When planning your next corporate event, let IVC make the guest list. We have the tools to search and find those executives and investors that you want to access. Our growing database of key decision-makers is the ideal place to start.

What’s more, IVC offers comprehensive event production services, including venue selection, invitations (graphic design, copy writing & printing), event promotion and advertising – virtually everything you need to guarantee success – and long remembered after your guests have gone.

For more information about our Event Production Services, please contact us:

To check out information of our upcoming event please click here

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