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 1. Why should I sign up?

IVC offers the best way to stay on top of the latest developments in Israel’s high tech industry. Signing up is free and gives you instant access to valuable information about companies, people and trends across the entire ecosystem. As a registered user you’ll be able to search our database, enjoy news updates delivered to your inbox, and receive our newsletter.

2. Why should I become a paying member?

Paid membership to IVC offers full access to our proprietary database and additional features to help you pinpoint opportunities and track trends. Use push notifications, data export and advanced analysis features to scale your grasp of the market and connect to the right key individuals. Membership includes access to customized Opportunity Dashboard to easily monitor companies and follow the ecosystem. See our membership plans here.

3. How can I decide which membership package is right for me?

Our membership packages were created to accommodate the range of users who rely on IVC for timely information about the most relevant opportunities. So whether you’re a startup, investor or enterprise company, you and your team have the flexibility to find the information and insights you need whenever and however is right for you. Learn more about our different membership options here.

4. I'm already using other information tools. How is IVC different?

It’s true - there’s no lack of online tools about Israel’s high-tech industry. However, IVC is the only one with a singular focus on guiding users to their next opportunity. That’s because we’ve been doing this for more than 20 years. We don’t use crawlers or user-generated content to tell us what we need to know. At IVC, we gather and validate the data ourselves to deliver the most actionable insights for guiding decisions about potential partners, investments and clients. Our proven methodology, extensive network and experienced team means you get access to information you can act on straight out of the gate.

5. How can I connect with key influencers in my industry?

The IVC database includes more than 41,000 key executives from more than 16,000 companies and the list keeps growing and updated! Users can search our database by individual names or use our advanced search feature to narrow down results by numerous criterions. Results can be narrowed down to contact details level, including the ability to connect directly via IVC.

6. How does the IVC search work?

Users can access information through the IVC database in various ways. Our flexible search options let you define your search to find companies or company executives by industry focus, funding history, location and more. Use our advanced search feature to fine-tune your search even further according to year, amount of investment, revenues or other criterion. You can also visit our “Top Tags” to see the most frequently searched keywords by industry sector or access our Keyword Glossary for a complete list of commonly-used terms and definitions related to the high tech industry. Regardless of how you go about it, you’ll enjoy discovering the loads of easily accessible information on our site. Don’t forget to hit “Save” and name your Search so you can come back to it later.

7. How does IVC know all this?

We pride ourselves on being the industry’s most trusted data source for local and global clients and take what we do seriously. We’ve been gathering data about Israel’s high tech ecosystem to deliver quality information our clients can depend on for over 20 years. Our extensive experience speaks for itself thanks to our vast industry network, proven research methodologies and dedicated team of analysts who bring a strong familiarity with the ins and outs of the entire high tech ecosystem. We also count on the expertise and guidance of our strategic partners to complement our knowledge with theirs. Unlike other online research platforms, we gather and validate the information we provide first hand to guarantee results you can trust.

8. How can IVC help me answer a specific question?

Our advance search feature is one way to access the IVC database to begin your quest for answers. You can search by technology companies, investors, service providers or key executive to narrow down your search by keywords or predefined parameters. Keyword search is a helpful way to zoom-out and discover information about emerging technology and trends. For clients seeking to gain a deeper understanding of specific sectors, our premium membership is the way to go. Our analysis reports deliver incisive insights to guide decision making regarding investments, potential partners and other opportunities for business.


For more information about tapping into our available resources, please connect us here.



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