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Ex2Ex: IVC Export to Excel

NEW! Ex2Ex is simple upgrade offered to IVC-Online Members, interested in exporting information of Excel. This tool, based on the IVC API, allows members to use the Advanced Search engine, to search for particular technology companies, and export a subset of the data to an Excel/CSV file.

The exported file includes: IVC Number, Company Name, Sector, Sub-Sector, Stage, Year Established,     No. of Employees, Registration Number, Company Description, Public Status, Website, CEO/ Primary contact person's name and contact details, Headquarters address, Targeted customers (market) and Technology. A sample Excel is available here.

Lines in the exported file represent individual companies, while columns represent individual data items. The number of lines in an exported file is based on the number of results found in your search. As in any advanced search, members can refine results and reduce the number of lines to be exported. In addition, Ex2Ex offers a limited export of only the companies updated in the past month - this option is perfect for members looking to updates their exported lists periodically.

Ex2Ex Pre-Paid Packages

For the time being we are offering IVC-Online Member with discounted pre-paid export packages:

1,000 lines exported for 10,450 NIS + VAT
2,000 lines exported for 19,800 NIS + VAT
5,000 lines exported for 38,500 NIS + VAT

If your defined search generates a large number of results, we recommend using the Refine tool to pinpoint more accurate search criteria and limit your number of results. You may also want to consider a limited export of the relevant results updated in the past month.

IVC-Online Members: contact your account manager for an offer or write to us: sales@ivc-online.com

Currently, Pay-as-you-Go export is not available, but we hope to offer this option to IVC-Online Members soon, at 11 NIS+VAT per line.

Check back with us soon!.

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