The IVC Conferences Department – IVC High Tech Events - has set a goal to promote important and urgent issues on the Israeli high-tech agenda.  The Conferences Department organizes conferences, workshops, company road shows and other activities where entrepreneurs, industry experts, investors and technologists exchange ideas and insights on how to effectively expand high-tech ventures while adapting to dynamic market risks and overcoming challenges.
IVC has a vast database of knowledge, information and research in the Israeli high-tech industry, IVC High-Tech Events combines this in-depth information in order to contribute to the high-tech industry discussion of challenges, issues and solutions facing Israeli high-tech decision makers when it comes to business development, research and growth.

Recent seminars conducted by IVC High-Tech Events


Chinese Investors - Israeli Technologies: The 3rd Annual IVC High-Tech Seminar for Israeli Technology Companies- March 21st, 2016, Tel- Aviv

Chinese interest in Israeli innovation and technologies has been growing rapidly in the past few years, as has Israeli tech startups’ interest in the Chinese market. However, successful integration, investments and cooperation between Chinese and Israeli companies is still a challenging process, considering cultural differences, language barriers, legal and business issues.
The seminar aims to provide leading high-tech entrepreneurs and investors from China and Israel with a chance to meet face-to-face and discuss practical tips, advice and tools for initiating successful deals. 

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Expanding into the US market In partnership with U.S. Embassy & SelectUSA: IVC 3rd High-Tech Seminar

Many Israeli high-tech companies and startups see penetrating the US market, or operating in the US, as a significant springboard for their business model, as well as a growth engine for the company. The seminar will address issues facing startups and mature high-tech companies considering expansion into the US market, attempting to help companies make the most out of move, by thinking and planning ahead.

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3rd Annual Seminar Financing Business Growth

These days, Israeli entrepreneurs and investors are trying to maximize the value of their portfolio companies rather than rushing in for an exit. We therefore see more growth/late stage transactions taking place. In a recent report on high-tech capital raising in 2014, IVC-KPMG Survey disclosed 39 companies completed financing rounds exceeding $20 million, a total of $1.3b raised, positioning these companies for market expansion. The report explains the large number of late stage rounds is indicative of the patience exhibited by entrepreneurs and investors, who no longer rush to achieve an exit, opting rather, to maximize company potential and value. It is, therefore essential for executives and board members to be acquainted with all funding alternatives and resources available for growth stage companies. .

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Online Financical Trading

In this unique and focused seminar we  reviewed the range of issues facing the online financial trading market in Israel and around the world. The seminar will provide an opportunity for Israeli online financial trading executives, entrepreneurs, investors and service providers to meet and openly examine the innovations, challenges and opportunities in the field.

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From Seed to IPO in the Life Scineces Sector

Going public is a major milestone in the path of growth companies and a material springboard for their business. IVC has joined forces with the TASE, Leumi Partners, S. Horowitz & Co, PwC and ESOP-Excellence to initiate a series of seminars that provide insights from leading industry mavens to growth companies as they plan for IPO.  

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From Seed to IPO in the Software Sector

Establishing a successful software company requires superb technology and securing industry leadership through solid execution. In tandem, setting the IPO + M&A strategy is paramount to driving stakeholder returns; Furthermore, these milestones on the growth path provide a springboard for business development. TASE, Leumi Partners, PwC, AYR, Ness, IVC and ESOP-Excellence have joined forces to provide Software entrepreneurs and executives with insights from leading industry mavens to set the fundamentals in place to execute their strategy.

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