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Get to Know IVC's BI Tool.

Knowledge is Power, Analytics is Wisdom

As a business information leader, IVC’s Analytic capabilities span the entire eco-system to offer an insightful perspective and deep analysis, personalized to your needs. Our easy to use dashboards give you hands-on control to make adjustments and add new data and search parameters as your goals evolve.

With IVC, data becomes more than just information. It becomes a crystal-clear view of the sectors, companies and opportunities that matter to you most.

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Investors Dashboards            

Get to know the most active funds, and more!  filter investors by several parameters such as type, number of first investment, sector, Israeli/non-Israeli, amount, and more



Exits Dashboards            

Exits Analytics dashboards analyzes over ten years’ worth of IVC-Online Database information on high-tech M&As and IPOs, in an interactive tool providing insights on deals, averages, sectors and much more. drill down to individual deals – find out details such as the identity of the exiting startups, the acquiring companies and stock exchanges where IPOs took place, the amounts and more. Filter your results by year, sector, type of deal, size of deals and venture capital backing, to learn even more. 



Financing Rounds Dashboards            

Interested in the finest details of capital raising? Want the basics of who, what, how much, or when? Based on information available at the IVC-Online Database, The Detailed Financing Rounds Dashboard lets you drill down to individual deals.



Top Tags Dashboards            

The IVC-Online Database holds information on thousands of high-tech companies in Israel. The Top Tags Analytics set of dashboards is an interactive tool providing insights on many different aspects like the number of new companies established per year, total capital raised, exits analysis, industry status by both company stage and sector, as well as number of employees by company size.



Capital Raising Dashboards            

Capital Raising Analytics set of dashboards combines capital raised by private Israeli high-tech companies data, with valuable segmentation knowledge such as sectors, tags, company stage, deal size, trends and more



VC Funds Dashboards            

The Israel Venture Capital Analytics Dashboard allows IVC Industry Analytics subscribers to drill down deeper into the trends, by fund size, fund type, vintage year or even the funds’ status.



Startup Dashboards            

The IVC-Online Database holds information on thousands of startups established in Israel. The Startup Analytics set of dashboards is an interactive tool providing insights on things like the rate opening of new startup companies, industry growth and industry status.




They don’t have rainbow coloured tails but it’s quite easy to find them when you follow the BIG money... The Israeli high-tech ecosystem is not lagging behind the American high-tech industry and in the past five years IVC witnessed the quick rise of local private companies which demonstrated super-fast growth. Those companies are often called Unicorns.