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Israeli Startup Success Report 1999-2014

Only four of 100 startups succeed;
Only four of 500 are successful growing independently

The good news: It is not necessary to raise capital to build a successful startup – 17% of successful startups did not raise capital from investors
The bad news: Investment does not a guarantee success for a startup – 41% of venture-backed startups shut down or are sold at a loss; and fewer than 9% prove successful
46% of Israeli startups stop operating within 3.5 years on average
71% of successful companies are acquired; Only 139 companies that are active today can be considered successful


In recent years, there has been an influx of young people entering the entrepreneurial world through academic programs, accelerators and startups, which appear to be surfacing at an astonishing rate. All entrepreneurs establishing a startup do so in order to succeed, to "make it big time". What nearly all entrepreneurs lack, however, is knowledge of the crucial ingredients for success. At the same time, they are generally oblivious to their startup’s chances of success.

A new report by IVC Research Center and REVERSEXIT examines, for the first time, success rates among Israeli startups. The goal was to learn the key factors that lead to success in order to provide entrepreneurs with tools to better predict the likelihood of success for their venture...Read more or see the report infographics here

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