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Database Access

live and current ecosystem data featuring Israeli high-tech companies, VC funds, PE firms, angel investors, incubators, accelerators, local multinational-corporations’ arms, TTC’s, service providers and details on more than 41,000 C-level executives.


Customized Reports

IVC conducts a wide-scale search into the Israeli high-tech ecosystem, analyzing industry trends as new verticals emerge.



The BI tool provides insights and macro level analysis of the Israeli high-tech industry.


API Services

IVC API is a set of web services enables IVC's customers to integrate their information systems with IVC-Online Database in a seamless transparent way.


BI Dashboard

Customized dashboard build according to customer’ requirements, allowing for IVC data in real time on a web interface.



IVC is uniquely positioned to enhance the scouting and matching processes. We offer a modular service for identifying, locating and potentially connecting technology startups with corporations or investors.