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VC Fund Reports

Stay current with deals performed by Israeli and by foreign VC funds, which funds are raising capital, what their targets are, and how far along they are in the process.

Keep up-to-date with the latest information and funding activity with IVC-APM Most Active Funds Report. This annual IVC-APM survey carefully researches and grades the most active Israeli venture capital funds, based on first investments.

Our annual VC Fund Raising Report conducted by the IVC Research Center, reviews capital raised by Israeli venture capital funds by vintage year and projects venture capital availability and trends.

The Israeli Fund Raising Scorecard gives you up-to-date information on recently raised capital for venture capital and private equity funds. The Scorecard includes details of intentions to raise additional capital and current facts and figures on VC and PE funds. View and access data on newly closed funds, targets, current status, closing dates and more.

IVC Industry Analytics subscribers also get access to:

»    The Israeli VC Fund Investment Analytics, a set of interactive dashboards based on the IVC-ZAG Capital Raising Survey
»    The Israeli VC Fund Raising Analytics, an interactive version of the VC Fund Raising Report
»    The Most Active Investors Analytics, a set of interactive dashboards expanding on the IVC-APM Most Active Funds Report with other investors and more info



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