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Research Center- Turning information into meaning

See the big picture of every picture

The Research Center leverages our growing knowledge base and dedicated research teams to offer enterprise members a unique analytical perspective on deals, companies, investors and ecosystem. As the high-tech's information hub, we turn the wealth of information dots we have into actionable bottom-line findings to help you identify market evolvement and Accelerate smart decision-making.

Find about IVC's research and publications:

  º    The IVC-ZAG Survey
for more on high-tech capital raising
  º    The IVC-Shibolet Private Equity Survey
for the latest on PE fund activity in Israel
  º    See the VC Fund Report 
page for information about the most active funds in Israel 
       and the latest on fund raising

Use our 
Advanced Search engine and get fast access to collected company data:

  º    Search for investors such as venture capital firms and
private equity funds
  º    Find emerging technology companies and senior executives
  º    Define your search criteria by industry focus, funding history, location and more.
  º    Save your favorite searches for quick and easy access

Check out the Keyword Glossary to help you define your search criteria or visit our search tips page for more.

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Check the Information Highlights section for up-to-the-minute information on: companies actively seeking capital, financing rounds, recently added seed companies, recent M&As and public offerings, and news & press releases.


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