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Israel Tech Review and Reports

The Israeli Tech Review is the first-of-its-kind report in Israel, reviewing all Israeli high-tech activity – fundraising, mergers and acquisitions, and the capital market, providing a birds' eye analysis of the industry
Israel Tech Review 2020
We are happy to present The Israeli Tech Review, the first comprehensive report of the Israeli High-Tech industry, providing data and insights on investments, M&A and public capital markets activities of the Israeli HighTech industry in 2020.
This year provides a perfect example of why a comprehensive report is crucial to understanding the dynamics in the industry. The days where a quick glimpse at the totals of a financial feature gave the ability to assess the industry strength are long gone. With $10 billion in investments in private companies, over $6.5 billion of funding from public capital markets and $7.8 billion in M&A transactions, understanding the Israeli tech industry requires an analysis from more than one viewpoint.
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IVC Special Reports

Fresh and current, IVC covers trending elements such as ‘The Spring of Blockchain’, ‘US-China trade war’, ‘Israeli VC Funds Activity’, ‘The Israeli Cyber Security Social Network’, ‘The Wall St. Bear Market and Israeli Tech’ among others, highlighting important facts and figures relating to Israeli high-tech, Venture Capital and everything in between.
SPAC 2020 Overview
While IPO becomes a solution for highly profitable companies like Jfrog or Monday, smaller companies struggle to find liquidating solutions.
Those well-financed (some are unicorns or charging ponies), fast-growing companies are not looking for M&As. Secondary deals in tech companies provide some of the liquidation needs and are expected to grow, but the US tech scene's hottest trend presents another solution.

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Published twice a year, the magazine includes a research summary of capital raising, exits, most active funds and notable deals in the Israeli high-tech. In addition, the magazine presents an in-depth research on a specific Israeli high-tech vertical or cluster. Previous magazines featured topics such as Canna-Tech, Food-Tech, Technology meets art, Open Innovation and more…
IVC February 2020 Issue – Israeli Tech Decade Summary
The February 2020 issue of IVC Magazine - IVC Annual Israeli Tech Review - focuses on the passing decade of Israel' tech sector (2010-2019). The review includes research summary, maps, data, and articles by leading high-tech executives wrapping-up the past decade and offering their view on the upcoming tech trends in 2020: Aharon Aharon, Chemi Peres, Karin Mayer, Oren Bar-on, Jon Medved and Dov Moran.
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English Monthly Newsletter **Discontinued**

The IVC-Online Monthly Newsletter is delivered once a month with information highlights, important news articles, updates from the IVC-Online site, research highlights, insights and trends from across the Israeli & global tech ecosystem.
February 2020 Monthly Newsletter
Highlights of the Israeli high-tech, venture capital, startups and private equity industry
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Most Active Funds

Annual survey produced in collaboration with Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co. Law Firm based on the IVC online database and information provided by participating VC funds, ranking the most active Israeli venture capital funds. This annual IVC survey carefully researches and grades the most active Israeli venture capital funds, based on first investments, reviews deals performed by Israeli and by foreign VC funds, funds who are raising capital, what their targets are, and how far along they are in the process.
2018 Most Active Funds
In 2018, two veteran VC firms shared first place, each with a record 11 first investments: Vertex Israel ($960m in managed capital) and TLV Partners ($267m in managed capital). The firms deployed capital from two active funds: of 2016 vintage year— Vertex IV ($150m) and TLV Partners (115m) and of 2018 vintage year—Vertex V ($160m) and TLV II ($152m).
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